A bit of history on us

This is where we come from.

We arrived to the Island in 2016 with the intention to stay here forever.
We are working on it hard every single day.

If you could give us a chance to show you this great gem in the middle of Atlantic Ocean – you will not regret it! Feel free to get a quote for an apartment, a car or a fully organized holiday!

Klem and Andrea

We are here to help you with anything you need – anytime you need.

We are a multilingual couple – that helps us to get over all the language barriers. Feel free to contact us in any of the following languages:

  • English
  • Lithuanian
  • Hungarian

We’re a multilingual couple that loves travelling around and connecting with the world.

It all started with a holiday. With a smile. With finding each other. Since then we are the perfect team. Filling up each others gap. Focusing on communication, administration, efficiency and harmony.

Contact us!

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