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ASOCIAE, la Asociación de Asesores Excelentes.

Bureaucracy in Spain can be very difficult if you do not speak the language, if you are not physically in the country or if you want to start a business. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests, questions or ideas!
It is very important to have the correct documentation while living abroad.
IF you need assistance with the documentation of the following matters, feel free to contact us anytime!
We also provide translation services and full assistance during the process in the spanish bueaucracy in the following languages:

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance to:

  • Obtain a NIE number – if you want to proceed with any kind of activity, buying an apartment, a car, start working or just being prepared for your future in Spain, the first step is to be legal in this country is to obtain the national identity number for foreigners (Numero de Identidad del Extranjero).
  • Request a “Certificado de Empadronamiento” – empadronamiento is your legal proof of address. You are entitled to request one if you own a property, legally rent one or have a legal right to live there (as owner states the fact). It is essential to have a fresh (not older than 3 months old) certificate for many legal procedure. It can be obtained from your local townhall, the governmental fee/cost is usually 2-4 eur per certificate.
  • Get the digital certificate / “Certificado Digital” – in the “after-pandemic” life this certificate can make your life much easier. It is a personalized access key to many governmental portal, local townhall and national institute. It can help you to download your own “empadronamiento”, your Covid-certificate, do your own tax-return or access the DGT/Trafico or your social health history and a lot more.
  • Exchange “Green Residencia” to T.I.E. card for UK residents – British and the Spanish Government recommend doing so as soon as possible now. It explicitly states your rights under the Withdrawal Agreement. It makes day-to-day administrative processes, including border crossing, easier. It’s got your photo on it, it’s more recognisable and it’s more durable. The exchange is relatively painless, we prepare your paperwork and provide assistance by the assigned immigration office or police station.
  • Obtain first time Residencia for European Union citizens – residencia or “green card” – Certificado Registro Ciudadano Union Europea) is an essential status you need to reach in order to be legal if you want to stay in Spain – not just as tourists. There are many different ways to obtain resident status, it depends on the nationality, legal and economical status. Feel free to contact us for personalized plan.
  • Presentation online of S1 pension form – in order to receive social healthcare in Spain after you retire, you need to get a document from your own government, called the S1 form and register it in the Spanish governmental office personally or online/via phone.
  • Registration and Management of vacational properties – Holiday rentals are great investments – if you do it smart and legal. Before you rent and advertise your apartment on local and international platforms, it is very important to take necessary steps to get prepared for taxing and all conditions. For further assistance we can advise and represent you on these matters.
  • HEALTH, LIFE and Funeral INSURANCE, Vehicle and property insurance – we can offer great deals of multiple insurance companies. We recommend the insurance that fits your needs the best. Please note for Residency application it is important to contract a policy without copayment. We can insure your pet, your home, your health, your vehicle. For further details, please get in touch.

For vehicle insurance quote or contract we need:

  • ID, vehicle documents, driving licence, address, bank account and contact details

For health insurance quote:

  • ID and address

For health insurance contract:

  • List of documents for health insurance
  • Photo of the nie document, passport
  • Marital status (married single…)
  • Residence address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Bank account
  • Method of payment (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual)
  • Height and weight
  • Presence of chronic diseases, operations, medications, eyesight, bad habits, hernias, health problems…)

Further services:

  • Gestoria and notaria services
  • HACIENDA/Agencia Tributaria presentations
  • self employment set up
  • Apostille and legal translations for courts and legal institutions
  • Local or hospital appointments
  • Licence requests and preparation
  • Phone appointments or personal attendance, translation services and assistance
  • Homologation – Import and Registration of vehicles
  • Vehicle services and ITV preparations
  • Exchange of driving licenses (at this moment only European driving licenses)
  • Vehicle sale and ownership change – from fotos for advertising till finishing paperwork
  • VEHICLE rentals – short or long term
  • Property Management and Maintenance service + Cleaning services We provide full range of cleaning services, from hour per hour, changeover cleaning for vacational apartments, upholstery and carseat cleaning. For specific requests please get in touch in here.

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