Castillo San Miguel

Get ready to live a medieval experience with the Knights of the Round Table at the magical Castillo San Miguel. Enjoy a splendid banquet, shout, jeer or cheer for the knight who represents you and who is willing to win or die in his honor!

Have fun watching the skill of the knights with the javelin or the sword, enjoy acrobatics on Spanish horses, the flight of majestic birds, a fire show and much more to take your adrenaline to the maximum! Two teams will compete, six knights will fight for honor on their horses with javelin in hand, while you, as the count’s guest, will have the pleasure of enjoying the show from the box, with dinner, wine and water included! Eat, drink, shout and cheer for your knight just as you would have done in the Middle Ages.

Each team is made up of three brave knights that you can distinguish and cheer on by the colors of their clothing: Green-Yellow-Blue Red-Black-Violet. Its authenticity lies not only in its leather and steel armor, in its shiny swords and javelins, but in its passion for fighting, its skill with weapons, fire and animals, giving you a spectacle worth witnessing as a family.

Castillo San Miguel is located in the South of Tenerife and its infrastructure is designed so that you can live a medieval adventure from the moment you cross its majestic walls. On March 3, 1987, the Canarian businessman Raúl Hernández Alonso carried out his dream of building a medieval castle in Tenerife, inspired by the Count Mal show in Palma de Mallorca (which he also ran). In this way he was able to concentrate all of his knowledge and experience in one place to provide all types of audiences with what is undoubtedly one of the best family entertainment experiences that the Island has ever had. The Castillo San Miguel de Tenerife is a 6000 square meter construction, made with ‘canto’ stone from the Canary Islands. It has imposing towers 17 meters high, and a sand arena where horses and knights perform, 50 meters long, with capacity for 1,100 diners, very similar to what was customary in medieval times. From the moment you enter the Royal Hall you can experience a trip to the Middle Ages with the reception by Count Don Rodrigo and his daughter the Countess who greet and welcome all visitors.


  • dinner + show adults: 47,50EUR
  • dinner + show VIP adults: 57,50EUR
  • dinner + show + bus adults: 59EUR
  • dinner + show + bus VIP adults: 69EUR
  • dinner + show kids: 27EUR
  • dinner + show VIP kids: 32EUR
  • dinner + show + bus kids: 34,50EUR
  • dinner + show + bus VIP kids: 39,50EUR

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