Come with us to visit the dolphins in their natural habitat!

If you are ready to visit them in their natural environment, we can help you to get an unforgettable experience:

Please checkout our favourite boats here:

Gladiator U

  • daily charter 2h excursions starting at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00
  • 25EUR/person – 50% discount for children under age 12
  • starts from Los Gigantes port
  • drinks included on board
  • for availability and reservations please get in touch

Nashira Uno

  • daily charter 3h excursions starting at 11.00 and 14.00 36EUR/pp
  • daily charter 2 h excursions – 25EUR/pp
  • starts from Los Gigantes port
  • drinks (and food on the 3h trip) included on board
  • for availability and reservations please get in touch

Lady Elsie

  • daily charter 3h excursions
  • starts from Los Gigantes port
  • 50EUR/person
  • drinks included on board


  • Private charter for max 8 people
  • min. 3 hours
  • price starts160EUR/hour
  • fishing excursion available – 4 h

Read about the dolphins

Tenerife has an endless array of natural treasures that combined with an ideal climate and excellent tourism infrastructure, makes this island a unique place for adventure breaks in a beautiful natural setting.
The variety of landscapes and microclimates has generated an incredibly diverse flora and fauna, being Tenerife one of places with the richest biodiversity in Europe.
The southern coast of Tenerife is a privileged place for watching whales in the wild as there are permanent pods of dolphins in the surrounding waters year round. Bearing in mind they live so close to the coast, Tenerife has become the top European
destination in terms of the number of people that have seen whales in the wild.
We can find up to 21 different species in Tenerife’s waters; from the colossal blue whale to the feared killer whale. An opportunity not to be missed, as there are very few places on this planet offering such a wide variety of species, at such
a short distance from your hotel. It’s no wonder why these fascinating creatures attract half a million visitors every year.

For various reasons pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins have settled off the south west coast of Tenerife and have become permanent inhabitants:
the food supply, which is abundant; the tranquil waters, protected from the trade winds by the mountainous landscape of the island; as well as the good climate and quality of crystal-clear waters, have created a paradise and ideal setting for these marine mammals. Although it is difficult to know the exact number of species that live here, we estimate that the population of pilot whales – between 500 and 600 – is twice the amount of bottlenose dolphins.

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