In this blog, we will tell you a couple of things you should be aware of before you climb the Everest of Tenerife - mount Teide.

Mount Teide in Tenerife: What to Know?

Mount Teide

Ask anyone who’s ever been or wanted to visit Tenerife and you will surely hear a thing or two about the mountain Teide; it’s the only volcano in Spain and it’s located in southern Tenerife. Spaniards call it “El Teide” or “Pico del Teide”, and its top is the highest point in all of Spain reaching just below 4 kilometers – it’s 3,715 meters in height. It’s also the highest point above the sea level in the islands of the Atlantic.

Mount Teide is one of the best attractions on the island both for youngsters and for elderly people alike, but it’s not without its downsides: hikers will need special permission and special shoes to climb the mountain at any given point – the permission is required if we climb beyond a certain point, while shoes are designated for safety.

The Mount Teide formed approximately 170,000 years ago due to volcanic activity which preceded a landslide: nowadays, it’s not dangerous to locals or to the people traveling across the island and once it starts to show any activity, local authorities will be very quick to alert us. Nonetheless, caution is advised.

Reaching Mount Teide

If you want to reach mount Teide, a couple of options are available to you: you can either drive a car and then take a cable car (once you’ve obtained permission, of course), or you can take a bus and take a cable afterwards that way. Both options are good, but many tourists prefer to go by bus because they think that it’s the safest and most convenient route to reach the mountain.

To obtain a permit, we recommend you contact us or visit our office for assistance, or, alternatively, you can visit the National Parks reservations website and obtain a permit there.

There’s also an option to join the activities organized by companies like TMMS-Tenerife and for that, we advise you to contact us too. Even if the location you’d want to see or visit isn’t on our holidays page, we are confident that we will find a solution that satisfies both us and you.

What to Take with You?

If you’re about to climb mount Teide, also keep in mind that there’s a couple of things you should take together with yourself since the top of the mountain is very cold compared to the island as a whole: take a couple of warmer clothes to adjust to the climate, and don’t forget to take your climbing shoes with yourself too. Don’t even think about leaving your house without them!

A breathable cotton T-shirt will also help, and a good sweatshirt together with a cap will be the perfect combination. Also consider taking the following things with you:

  • Shorts (if you feel like you will survive the cold, of course)
  • Sunglasses
  • Tea, water, or something else to drink in case you get thirsty (climbing a mountain is not the simplest task to do)
  • If you’re traveling at night, consider wearing a scarf together with warm footwear.

Other Observations

By knowing these things, you will be best prepared to conquer mount Teide. If you’re around Los Gigantes, also visit our office because we can not only offer you holiday plans, but also discounts, excursions in multiple languages including Spanish, Polish, and Lithuanian, and also water-based excursions (did we tell you that Tenerife has the best-rated water park in the world: Siam Park?)


Mount Teide is a really interesting mountain to see for tourists and for locals alike; and with the mountain being one of the top attractions on the island as a whole, fun both for you and for your entire family is guaranteed. What are you waiting for? Contact us and reserve your ticket today!

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