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Tenerife South vs. Tenerife North: Key Similarities & Differences

Ask anyone if they’ve ever visited Tenerife and you’ll hear an answer: “the South or North part of the island?”

This answer to such a question is likely to leave you baffled, at least a little.

You may be wondering: “South? North? What even are those areas?” And that’s what we will answer in this blog. Let’s roll?

What’s Tenerife?

Tenerife, of course, is an island consisting of multiple cities: some of them are Los Gigantes, Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos, and San Isidro. Each of those cities is unique in its own regard; we’ve even blogged about some of these multiple times on this blog. We’ve already told you about the water parks on the island, Gladiator Shows, and so on, and so forth.

Tenerife is also split into South and North – the south is where most of the tourists and those visiting the island live, while the north is the more rainy and cloudy part of the island; ask any person living on the island and you will instantly hear an answer that South Tenerife is sunnier, hotter, and drier than its Northern counterpart.

South vs. North In Detail

For visitors, both the south and the north part of the islands have something to offer; there are many unique hotels on both parts of the island, and some hotels on the north can’t even match the newer luxury hotels in the south.

Hotels in Tenerife. Source: TripAdvisor

When it comes to restaurants though, the north wins – or perhaps both do? It really depends on the person – while there undoubtedly are good restaurants in the south (visit Los Cristianos and you will see a couple before even choosing one), one of the most famous places on the island for those who’d like to eat is the north. Some say that the northern part of the island is an absolute favorite as far as the food is concerned.

Restaurants in Tenerife. Source: TripAdvisor

As far as the scenery is concerned, thoughts differ as well: many people say that the south is more beautiful and pleasing than the north aesthetically, however, once you visit any northern part of the island, you will quickly notice that if luxurious landscapes are your thing, you should definitely head north.

Tenerife’s Scenery. Source: TN Traveller

If you’re after beaches, definitely head south. Tenerife is full of beaches and saying that “one is the best, but the others are worth nothing” isn’t a correct thing to say because every beach is beautiful, but black sand beaches, restaurants with tasty food nearby, and other things await those who head south. If golden beaches are your thing, you won’t find them in the north.

Beaches in Tenerife. Source: Paulina on the road

Activities, on the other hand, will heavily depend on your own preferences; the south is basically designed for tourists who visit the island, grab some souvenirs, then head back, while the north can boast its nature, cultural activities, water sports, boat trips, and so on and so forth. Activities, in our opinion, deserve a draw.

Activities in Tenerife. Source: Scuba Friends Tenerife

And finally, nightlife is everywhere in Tenerife too – visit any part of the southern part of the island and you will see that just about every part of the bar and club offers karaoke, dancing, and tasty food; that’s not to say that the North doesn’t have nightlife though – touristic nightlife’s just catered towards those living in the south, while those living in the North can enjoy its local vibes.

Nightlife in Tenerife. Source: Broadway Travel


The southern and northern parts of Tenerife are a frequent point of debate for locals and tourists alike. We hope that this blog has helped answer the question which part of the island is better for your preferences and for your stay with a family or as a tourist. Stay tuned and do follow our blog – we blog about the island, its activities, and holidays. Also don’t forget to follow our YouTube & TikTok to stay tuned about what’s happening on the island there, and we’ll see you in the next one.

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