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Camino del Barranco de Masca

Camino de Barranco del Masca

Finally, after being closed over 3 years, Camino del Barranco de Masca is open for hikers! For now only as a pilot trial – but we have the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful corner of our Canary Island! Masca Gorge is a unique place thanks to its rocky beauty and the fragile forms of life that live here, some found nowhere else in the world. Due to its popularity with visitors and the risks associated with the gorge and hiking in general, it is regulated by the Teno Rural Park Masterplan, in addition to the Action Programme, the Regulating Bylaw, and the Masca Gorge Self-Protection Plan. As a result, the Tenerife Island Council has regulated the use of the gorge to ensure the conservation of the space, increase visitor safety and enhance the quality of the experience.

Below you can find some general information about the trekking. Opening hours are (these are valid from the 27th of March – for now, opening hours are on weekends and bank holidays only):

  • DESCENT AND ASCENT option is available from 8.30am to 11.00am (25 visitors are permitted every 30 minutes.) It is NOT possible to do this the other way around.
  • Transport options: we recommend you use public transport as there’s a lack of parking spaces.
  • The distance: 10km (return journey.)
  • Estimated duration: About 3 hours to descend. At least 4 hours to ascend.
  • Elevation: The trail departs from an altitude of 750 m (that’s the altitude of the Masca hamlet) in the descending direction and heads down to sea level with small intermediate climbs. The activity requires having a decent level of fitness.

This activity is not recommended for children under the age of 8.

Clothes and accessories required are as follows:

  • A valid ID.
  • Hiking boots and suitable clothing for hiking.
  • A helmet (it will be loaned to you by the staff of Masca Gorge Trail.)
  • A sufficient supply of water (drinking water is not available along the trail.)
  • A phone with sufficiently charged battery.
  • If required by a medical prescription, specific medication.

As the barranco is open as a trial run for now, the entrance is free but only accessible with prior reservation that can be booked via the website here.

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